By Minnie, an international student from Japan 

Japan:  the world’s second largest unreached people group

Japan is the second largest Unreached People Group in the world. Only 1.2% of the population of 120 million is Christian. It surprises me that a country so “westernized” has yet to really embrace God’s love. In previous updates, I’ve mentioned that I have had the opportunity to meet a couple of Japanese exchange students… including Minnie.

Minnie had the rare opportunity to grow up in Christian home in Japan. She came to McMaster University to enjoy a year abroad. When I first met Minnie, she shared that she wanted to live completely for Christ but felt inadequate and unprepared. While here, she attended the same church as myself and other Power to Change (P2C) leaders.

Equipping and encouragement

She also participated in a Christianity 101 class I led on Sunday mornings as well as my church small group. It was very encouraging to see her process things we were learning.  She was open to challenge various aspects of her life that she needed to trust God with. In addition, she received some great mentoring from some of the female P2C leaders.

Taking steps of faith

At our International Student Conference, Minnie heard about our 10-day Ottawa missions trip. She felt called to go. This is what she had to say after the trip:

“Through raising support I noticed I didn’t trust God wholly but trusted myself. But God showed me His work is more powerful and He is stronger than I thought. Through the mission trip I learned the how to share my faith with other people. I also experienced how to organize the outreach event for international students.

God also grows up my faith through the mission trip. It is a big encouragement for me to live as a Christian in Japan. I’m going to go back to Japan next Tuesday. For me, sharing my faith and the gospel in Japan is not easy. But God asks me to share the gospel in Japan. So I won’t give up even though there will be hardships and difficulties. Please pray for my faith after going back to Japan.”

Minnie has become a good friend of mine. I am so encouraged to see how God has impacted her life during her time here in Canada. Through all her experiences at church and Power to Change, God has prepared her to return to Japan with a renewed desire and tools to reach her nation for Christ-one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

This is at the heart of our ministry… we want to see God transform international students here in Canada. It is so strategic to equip and empower them to be sent back to their homeland and the world to reach the unreached! Please pray for Minnie and students like her as they trust God to use them to change the nations for Christ!

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