You may have never been on a mission trip before.

Or maybe you consider yourself a mission trip master, going on one every year.

Maybe you feel disillusioned with ministry that focuses on counting numbers and what feels like militant evangelism.

Or maybe you just feel exhausted from the pressure and need to do all. the. things.

It can be easy to feel lost amidst the passion and fire that so many of your friends may have. You may have deep questions about God, such as, who has he created me to be? Does God just care about what I do for him? Am I ‘ready’ to be used by God? What if I don’t feel ‘enough’?

It’s easy to join in ministry with a sense of triumphalism and an over-enthusiastic understanding of how to live out the Great Commission and serve God. But when struggles come in ministry and life, the passion and zeal can just as easily disappear. In apathy or complacency, it’s easy to doubt the call, and thus the Caller. Personally I’ve seen many friends walk through this. If the foundation of their ministry and faith in God wasn’t in their ‘being’ with God, but in what they could ‘do’ for God, they walked away disillusioned when challenges arose.

How do we build a solid foundation in our life and faith, serving with God over the long haul? It’s all too easy to view missions and ministry as something to ‘do’ versus something to ‘be’. Can we be missional, living lives on mission, wherever we are?

This is why we’ve launched the PRAXIS initiative.

PRAXIS is an opportunity for people to connect their ‘being’ (who they are in Christ), with their ‘doing’ (in a missional context wherever they are). When we serve God from an overflow of being grounded in Christ, we become more attentive to the Holy Spirit and can join Jesus in his mission.

We hope to bring participants to the place where the Great Commission (to go to all the nations) intersects with the Great Commandment (to love God and love others).

Is PRAXIS for you?

If any of the following examples remind you of yourself, PRAXIS might be worth considering.

PRAXIS is for the aware doer.

You measure your meaning by what you do for God, but the high is temporary. A hunger grows for more of God and less of the list. A hollowness echos within. You realize that your doing is centered in yourself, and yet you itch for rest. Only in intimately connecting with God can you find true peace and meaning.

PRAXIS is for those on a spiritual journey.

You’re listening, learning, and leaning into God. You need more of God’s presence than you realize so you pursue him to settle your heart. You are wrestling with God, yet know that it’s only in resting in God that you will find solace.

PRAXIS is for those discerning mission.

Making choices can be daunting. The question, “What’s my mission?” can feel paralyzing. As you weigh your time, strengths, and capacity…. you feel stuck. What if you could taste and see, interview, dip your toes in a practicum, and discover clarity in your missional practice?

We want to extend you the same invitation that Jesus offered to his disciples, “Come and see.” (John 1:39)

Written with contributions by JUSTIN CHAN

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Erin Ford

Erin Ford works on staff with P2C-Students. She lives in Guelph with her family. On weekends you can find her walking her dog, caring for her home, and working in the garden.

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