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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about what opportunities there are to work with Power to Change – Students. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this since you started university, have a desire to work with young adults, or accidentally stumbled upon this part of our website, we’re so glad you’re here. 

Our desire as a ministry is to help university students take their next steps towards Jesus, whether they’re figuring out if he’s relevant for their life, have grown up going to church, or are somewhere in-between. 

We know that not everyone will end up working for us, and that’s okay. There are so many great ministries and opportunities out there, but we also know some of you may really want to work for us. Ever since P2C-Students started back in 1967 at UBC, we have been so grateful for God’s continued leading and bringing of people into our organization. We love being a part of the work he’s doing in the lives of university students in Canada and around the world. 

Wondering if there might be a place for you?

If you’re interested in spending your days on campus, chatting with university students about life and faith? There is a place for you. 

If you have a heart for global missions, but not sure how to use it? You could help international students as they transition to life in Canada. Spend a year or two overseas. Even help behind the scenes with marketing or administration. There is a place for you. 

If you love being creative, or being more behind the scenes? Making graphics or films? Writing blog posts? Developing podcasts? Web design or programming? Then there is a place for you. Using different gifts than those on campus, but gifts that are no less important as they are being used by God for his glory. 

If you like the sounds of a few of these options but can’t decide? There is a place for you. We have opportunities for you to do a fusion of these. You could do some writing and also work on campus. You could work in an office, but then spend one or more days a week with students. We can’t guarantee what it will look like, but we can talk about options to help you use the multiple gifts God’s given you in the workplace.

Curious to know more? Keep reading to see firsthand accounts from some of our new staff, a frequently-asked questions area, and the chance to see some resources to help you figure out what God might be inviting you to do next. 

Job Opportunities with P2C-S

At this time, P2C – Students has many job openings as we seek to help students take their next steps towards Jesus. These openings have been grouped in four priority recruiting areas by the National Leadership Team. 

Within P2C – Students, we have various teams that are working hard to meet students where they are at. While some of our staff do that by interacting with students in person, other staff do it through other means, under the umbrella of our Creative Communications department. Whether it’s through in-person interactions, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, or other creative avenues, we want to help students walk closer to Jesus and experience life in him. The following  job priorities reflect that desire.

Campus Staff

Robert Coleman, in his book, Master Plan of Evangelism, describes how Jesus invested his life in a few in order to influence the many. This encapsulates well the heart behind the work of campus staff.

As campus staff, you would have the opportunity to work directly with students (currently, with COVID-19-related adjustments). You would be able to invest the better part of your day in their lives: helping them transition to university, connect to Christian community, and take their next steps towards Jesus through a variety of avenues. These can include prayer meetings, Bible studies, retreats, and student leader meetings, amongst other activities. Two of the things that P2C-Students is committed to for campus staff are teams and training. So if you work in this realm—working with students day in and day out—you would work in a team setting and experience an abundance of excellent training.

International Student Ministry Staff

International student ministry staff work in Canada with students from countries all over the world. You’ll have a unique opportunity to share God’s love and gospel with the multitude of nations at your doorstep. 

Many of these students come from unreached people groups and from nations where Christian ministry is difficult. As you build relationships and share the gospel, you are not only investing in individual lives, but also the communities to which these students will return. 

International student ministry is very relational. You will spend time with students: eating meals, playing sports, or hosting events. You will find ways to meet their practical, social, and spiritual needs. Our team from across Canada meets regularly, so you will be supported, encouraged, coached, and trained for cross-cultural ministry.

International Intern (STINT)

As an international intern, you would be placed on a team with one of our overseas partnerships. You would come alongside long-term missionaries and local believers to help university students engage in the life changing message of the gospel! This experience includes cross-cultural and contextualized ministry training prior to departure and throughout the year. International interns participate in language classes and seek to build friendships and integrate into the local campus community.

Creative Communications

As we seek to help students walk closer to Jesus and experience life in him, our Creative Communications department gives us opportunities to reach others in a unique way. 

We are seeking staff to join our teams focused in the areas of Social Media, Graphic Design, Video Production, Podcasts and Writer / Content Creator to help us engage effectively with this current generation of university students in various mediums. 

This job is often experienced as a mix of collaboration and independent work: connecting with content creators and exploring the best ways to engage with students online, while also having the freedom to work on related projects independently. You can also expect to receive excellent training to help you as you adjust to life on staff.

Is it possible to combine a couple of these priorities?

Absolutely! You can try out different passions and interests while working with us. Let us know in the application if there is a combination of roles that you are interested in, and we can see how to incorporate them together. 

Think you’re ready to take it a step further and apply? Press one of the Apply buttons above. If you have any questions at all, our HR department would be happy to help you prior to or throughout this process. You can contact them at

Other roles in Power to Change Ministries

Even with all these opportunities, we recognize that you still may not feel that P2C – Students is a good fit for you. Did you know that Power to Change – Students is a ministry of Power to Change, which is a family of ten ministries and one humanitarian partner? Together as a collective, we seek to help people know Jesus and experience his power to change the world. If none of the opportunities we have at P2C-Students interests you, there could be an opportunity in one of our other ministries. Learn more about other job opportunities within Power to Change Ministries.

Hear what staff are having to say about P2C-Students

“Internships can be an environment where Christians can explore how their passions, skills and learning can be used to advance the kingdom of God within a like-minded community. Whether it is creating content, creating effective digital systems, meeting up a with a student for discipleship, or journeying with a student figuring out who Jesus Christ is, we invite people to consider doing a year with us to discover whether or not working with Power to Change is a good fit with how God has created them to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.”

Josh – Strategy & Operations Director

“One of the biggest blessings is getting to split my time between teams (campus and Creative Communications). It’s so dynamic, there is always a way for me to serve in unique ways. I get to see both the background design work going on and then see how it’s applied on campus.”

Sabrina – Campus Staff and Writing/Graphic Design Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

No. That’s the beauty of doing an internship. You can try working for P2C-S for one year, maybe two, and see if it’s a good fit. Some staff do decide to join longer term, some decide that one or two years is enough and they want to do something else. Either is okay if you’re following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Even if you don’t see yourself working in ministry long term, there are lots of skills that you can develop while doing an internship that can help build your CV. Skills such as team building, collaboration, initiative, project management, organizational skills, and administration can be developed. Depending on your role, more direct skills could be developed as well (for example, marketing, writing, software development, et cetera).

Another part of this job that may not help your CV, but is still beneficial, is the growth of your own faith and character. There are many different parts to your job that will challenge you and help you grow as an individual. Although that may not help your resume, that is still something to embrace and be grateful for.

Historically yes, but we treat all interns as new staff. You’ll receive the same training as if you were committing longer term, and you’ll be treated as an equal member of your team, not just the coffee runner. The term intern, really just refers to the length of your contract.

Before you even get to campus, you’ll receive training as you prepare to start raising support (biblical backing and practical steps). Then during your first and second year (if you decide to do two years), you’ll receive training on a variety of topics to help you prepare for ministry. The best part about the training is that it’s meant to not only help you in your current job with P2C-S, but also help you grow as an individual and will be applicable outside of work as well.

Yes, but as mentioned in the question above, you’ll receive training as you prepare to start raising support. You will have a coach to help you through the process, and will be in a support group with other new staff to encourage each other and hold each other accountable as you trust God to provide for you.

First off, know that you aren’t a failure if that does end up happening. You have a part to play in this journey, but so does God in providing for you. Sometimes this means you change from doing a year-long commitment to a semester, and you continue support-raising for the second semester as you start your first. Sometimes it means you only do one semester. Sometimes it means you don’t end up interning at all. That can feel so disappointing, but is also part of the process of discerning if this is really where God wants you. If that is not working with us, then it must mean he has something even better for you.

Yes. We have both interns and long-term staff who do a range of tasks, with their time split between campus and Creative Communications. Depending on the campus and what you’re wanting to do with CC, you might be able to use your skills directly for the campus you’re working on. An example would be: there might not be a student available to do graphic design, so that could become one of your roles as the staff member.

Yes. We have a team within our Creative Communications department that just focuses on film. There is a place for you!

Similar to the English ministry, our French ministry offers opportunities to work with students, in creative capacities, and behind the scenes (like web development or translation). So yes, there is a place for you!

Yes, we have international student ministries at a few universities across Canada. Cities currently include Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Saskatoon, and Calgary.

Being in debt does not automatically disqualify you from serving as an Intern. Our heart is to ensure that a person who takes part in the national or international (STINT) Internship program would not have a monthly debt payment that would prove to be a hardship based on their salary. We also want you to be in a financial position to join staff in 1-2 years as the Lord may lead you to serve with us long term. In addition, we want you to consider the potential personal costs associated with high debt, which include greater stress and anxiety, a decreased ability to take advantage of opportunities, saving for unexpected events, and giving generously.

Part of the application process is to gather more information (individual loan amounts, interest rates, monthly payments, et cetera), so that you can have a clear picture as you think through your options. Each person’s situation is different and will be considered as a part of the application process. It is our desire to help you look at the near as well as distant future in order to help you be the best steward of your life lived for Christ.

If you decide to join longer term, there are opportunities to decide to do more education. P2C-S is committed to the ongoing development of and investment in its staff who are set apart for a lifetime of service to God, and desires for you to be well equipped for your current position or desired future position. P2C-S encourages staff members to consider all avenues of studies while also assessing the challenges of balancing their coursework with the demands of ministry work and family life.

If you desire to do more education right away, then becoming associate staff could be another option for you.

That’s okay. There are actually many stages of discernment you go through. Before being accepted, there will be two interviews, one of which is to get to know you and your heart behind applying. It’s a discernment interview to help you continue processing your application. The next is a more formal job interview, but still with the heart of understanding and seeing if this is a good fit for who God created you to be and what he’s calling you to do. And even after that, then, there’s the process of support raising. Each stage along the way can help with confirming your decision either way, whether it’s doing an internship with us or deciding it’s not the right fit for you.

Yes! We actually have three offices across the country, one in Langley, British Columbia, one in Guelph, Ontario, and the other in Montréal, Québec. Depending on where you feel your gifts lie, there can be opportunities to work with different teams, not just campus ministry!

You know how a coin has two sides but it’s still a coin either way, that’s kind of what ministry is like. There is so much joy in being able to use the gifts and passions God’s given you in a very direct way to help advance his kingdom. But that doesn’t change the fact that hard conversations happen (or need to happen), whether they’re with colleagues or the students you work with. Or an event doesn’t go as you planned. It’s like any job, really, where there can be amazing parts and challenging parts. Both are needed to help bring growth.

We do not expect staff to be perfect, all-knowing super-humans when they join (or when they leave, just to be clear). Although we want to make sure your faith with God is vibrant and growing, we know that faith is a process. If you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour and desire to know him better and keep growing in your relationship with him, that’s what matters most to us.  

If you’re concerned though, the interview process can help with discerning this. Also know that part of the training you’ll be receiving in your first and second year is meant to help ensure you have a solid faith foundation.  You could also read this blog post: although it was written for mission trips, the questions at the end can apply to this question as well: “How to know you’re ready for a mission trip.

The about us section on our website has all the details if you’re curious to know more about us as an organization and what we care about.

Discerning what’s next can be challenging; we want it written in the sky, but that’s rarely how God decides to speak to us. We asked our staff for resources that have helped them when making decisions, of any kind. We hope these resources help you in whatever decisions you need to make, not just whether P2C-S is a good fit for you.

Resources on Making Decisions


  • Restless by Jennie Allen 
  • The Way of Discernment by Elizabeth Liebert
  • The Will of God As A Way of Life by Jerry Sittser 
  • Courage and Calling by Gordan Smith
  • Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly
  • The Defining Decade by Meg Jay 
    • (popular, mainstream book about sorting out the ‘20s that has great thoughts, although it is less focused on integrating faith into decisions)


  • The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman 

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