What is My Story?

My Story is a small group training series that will invigorate your evangelism through the powerful intersection of social media, your personal story and the gospel. This video training series will walk you from start to finish, launching you to reach your world. Lessons include:

  1. Gospel – The gospel is both the content of our story and our motivation for sharing it.
  2. Crave – Everybody, no matter who they are, craves the same things in life: intimacy, destiny, meaning. These can steer us off course in life if we look to satisfy them in wrong places, but ultimately they are meant to point us to God.
  3. Idolatry – All of our stories reflect this truth: looking to anything other than Jesus for ultimate meaning leaves us unsatisfied and empty.
  4. Story I – Every single Christian comes pre-equipped with the best tool you could ever have to help someone discover Jesus: your story.
  5. Story II – Using his story, Paul builds rapport with his audience and demonstrates life change.
  6. Launch – With the joy that is in our lives because Jesus has saved us, we can share our stories with confidence.
  7. Now What – Evangelism isn’t simply an event, it’s a process. An evangelist must be patient, take initiative, and pray.
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Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide contains explanations of the different components of each session, goals and tips for each week, as well as leader’s notes for the Bible study sections of each session. It is free to view and download.

The My Story Video Series

Each of the videos below accompanies a My Story session.

Filming Tips

Here are some helpful tips to help you film and post your My Story video.

Choosing your Camera

Cellphones usually will do the trick, but if you have a friend or someone in your group who has a camcorder, it might be worth it to see if you can borrow one.

Tips on Shooting Your Story

Although shooting a movie is not that hard, there are some helpful ideas that can improve the footage you shoot.

Remember to have good lightening and not to center yourself in the shot (keep in mind the ⅓ rule – see video for details).

Editing Your Story

Before you upload your video to share with friends and family, be sure to edit your footage. The purpose of editing is to keep the story moving at a good pace and to keep it focused. Perfection or box-office quality is not the goal.

Instructions on other editing software:

Other Resources

  • My Story Youtube Channel: Watch some past My Story videos posted by other P2C students.
  • 99 Wondering Questions: Knowing how to ask good questions is an essential skill to develop as you engage your world in gospel conversations. “Wondering” your way into conversations can create curiosity and build trust in your relationships. Check out this list of 99 Wondering Questions from the book God Space by Doug Pollock for ideas on new questions to ask.
  • My Story: The Documentary: Follow 8 different students as they embark on the adventure of crafting and sharing their story.

For more great resources like these, check out the rest of our More to Grow On for “Equipped” Series.

Looking to learn more about the “My Story” study? Find everything you need to know here. Or explore the rest of our “Equipped” series.


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