When you hear the word “evangelism,” what do you think of? What emotions do you feel? What fears or challenges have you experienced in sharing your faith?

Often, many of our fears in evangelism boil down to us and our abilities. But Jesus knows us, he knows our abilities, and he still calls us to share our faith. He invites all believers to participate in evangelism, in fact, no matter who we are and what our gifts are. This should tell us that evangelism doesn’t come down to our own self and skills; we have a role to play, but more importantly, so does God. Knowing these roles can help us be faithful in the midst of our fears, and trust God to work in and through us and those we share our faith with.

Our Role in Evangelism

Read Mark 4:26-32

If this is an analogy for sharing our faith, what evangelistic roles or tasks might sowing and harvesting represent?

Have Faith
Read John 4:35
Why would I sow if I didn’t think anything would happen? We should expect God to do something through us when we do evangelism. Our first role in evangelism is simply to have faith—faith that God is at work and that God loves your lost friends. He has opportunities for us, and he can and does choose to work through those who are available to him.

What keeps you from having faith when it comes to evangelism?

Be Filled with the Spirit
Read Acts 1:4-8
The disciples were given the command to be Christ’s witnesses and take the gospel to the ends of the earth; however, they were instructed not to leave Jerusalem until they had received the Holy Spirit. As Christians we have the Holy Spirit, and these verses show the necessity of the Holy Spirit in effective evangelism.

Take Action
Read Acts 8:25-40

How do you see God taking action, taking the initiative, in this passage?

Taking action is the result of the two other responsibilities we’ve discussed. As we have faith and are filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s our job to pray, take the initiative, and speak to others about Jesus.

God’s Role in Evangelism

Read 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

What does this passage say God’s role in evangelism is?

God Produces Fruit and Changes Hearts

In what ways have you found yourself assuming responsibility for God’s role in evangelism?
Reread Mark 4:26-32. How do these two roles, ours and Gods, come together?

We do have an important role in evangelism: to take the initiative in sharing about Jesus, with faith in God and reliance on the Spirit. But the outcome of our evangelism is not up to us. That, thankfully, is in God’s faithful and capable hands.

How does knowing this help you think about sharing your faith?
Is there a “next step” you can take in this area?

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