Helping Students Find the Truth

Sep 12, 2019

Do you remember what back to school season was like for you? I remember that essential first-day outfit, hunting for the pieces that would bring together the perfect presentation of myself. I also remember the (now retro) back to school supplies, purchased with precision so I had exactly what I needed to face the new school year. Reflecting now, I realize how surface-oriented my preparations were. Don’t get me wrong, surface preparations are necessary, but students face deeper needs as they transition back to school. In a climate where post-Christian culture is the norm, students will need support to find the truth of the gospel. 

How can we help students navigate towards Jesus? They “need a compass,” says Andy Smits, Director of Power to Change — Students. Smits recognizes that this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all process” but a mysterious one. In response to the shift they’ve seen on campuses across the country, P2C-Students has tailored their ministry around this concept of being a compass. They equip Christians to walk alongside their friends with a missional mindset, helping them find the truth of the gospel. And it’s working!

We’ve captured these transformational stories from students for you. You can read about Olivia who is learning to trust Christians, Guillaume who is wondering if Jesus can meet his needs, or Wei who gave his life to Christ over breakfast! Their stories are glimpses into the reality of what students encounter in today’s spiritually ambiguous climate. Their stories reveal to us how engaging students with a Christ-centered reality can truly prepare them to face the world, long after they’ve left the campus. 

If you’re curious to learn more, I invite you to take a moment to read more Students’ stories and discover how you can help them find the truth.


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About the Author

Maria Schroeder

Maria Schroeder

Maria is the Communications Manager in P2C’s Marketing department. She is a trained dancer, creative thinker, and tea enthusiast. She is passionate about thinking deeply and talking openly about how the gospel restores our lives.