Why Vote? A Must-Have Dinner Conversation Starter

Oct 17, 2019

I have a confession. I haven’t always voted. There have been seasons of my life where I’ve been totally disconnected from politics. Where I’ve felt disgruntled by what I’ve seen and didn’t bother to vote at all. If things seem like they’ll never change, why would I bother investing time and energy into it? Besides, if I don’t like the options for parties (or people), why vote at all? 

I know I’m not alone in this thinking. This past month I’ve had more conversations about politics and the importance of voting than ever before. People all around us are wrestling with these questions, even if they don’t want to admit it. For this reason, I find it so helpful to talk about politics, even if it’s uncomfortable (#sorrynotsorry to my family for hijacking the Thanksgiving dinner conversation!).  

We can learn from each other’s processes. I know I have. Because of the conversations I’ve engaged in, this is the first season I’ve actually grasped the deep privilege of my right to vote. And regardless of the election outcome, I feel empowered to use my voice. However small, it does make a difference. 

We asked some of the staff here at Power to Change to share their thoughts on why they vote so we could widen the conversation. As you listen, I invite you to check in with your own heart especially as we head into the final days of the election. What can you learn from their process?


Not sure who to vote for? Take the Vote Compass quiz or compare party platforms


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Maria Schroeder

Maria Schroeder

Maria is the Communications Manager in P2C’s Marketing department. She is a trained dancer, creative thinker, and tea enthusiast. She is passionate about thinking deeply and talking openly about how the gospel restores our lives.