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Partnership Report
July 2021

We’ve wrapped up the 2020-2021 school year which was a unique and challenging year in so many ways. We rejoice that we still saw God powerfully at work among students all across Canada. Today I want to share with you the story of Adewunmi. She has been involved with a P2C-Students community for the past 4 years.

Thank you so much for your partnership with the ministry of P2C-Students! As you read Adewunmi’s story, allow yourself to imagine what may come in her future.

– Andy Smits, National Director

“I have a stronger burden and urgency to talk about God more now with my friends.” – Adewunmi, graduating student

Adewunmi’s Story: A graduating student

“In a season of life where things change every semester — new professors, new friends — P2C was the one consistent thing I knew all throughout university. They were family to me in a city where none of my family lived.”

Imagine moving to a new country at 17 years old knowing no one but your sister. You have no idea what life will look like. You’re excited because starting university is exciting, but there is also some fear as you recognize every aspect of life is about to be new.

This was Adewunmi’s experience coming to Canada to start university. A Nigerian who grew up in the Middle East, life in Canada was very different from what she had known her whole life.

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“I missed the first two weeks of school which meant I missed orientation, clubs fair, etc. I had no friends, no church yet either. I was a stranger everywhere. I was behind in school and trying to get used to the Canadian system. There were things about Canadian culture that I had no idea about.”

Growing up in a Christian family, Adewunmi knew the importance of finding a faith community in Canada. Mentors back home encouraged her to find one as soon as possible because it would be vital to helping her succeed in university. After attending her first meeting with P2C-Students, she left feeling seen and encouraged, telling her sister, “They were so nice and welcoming. You should come too.”

Adewunmi’s involvement with P2C-Students quickly grew, and soon she was participating in and later leading bible studies, helping with outreach activities on campus, leading prayer meetings, and speaking at their weekly meetings. She developed leadership and organization skills that can be applied in any situation. Even beyond that, her faith has grown over the last few years – even in the midst of the recent online school year.

“My role changed from being nurtured as a 17-year-old in first year, to now supporting and encouraging first years to be involved in Christian community. There were moments when I was down or sad, but there were never serious droughts. There are so many things I’ve learned, like being open to having conversations with strangers about faith and life. I grew up in a country where evangelism is not allowed. I felt challenged and encouraged to be more upfront about being a Christian. I grew in confidence enough to be able to comfortably share when a classmate asked me a question.”

This was back in September 2017, and now almost four years later, Adewunmi is ready to embrace another transition as she graduates. Through her time with P2C-Students at Concordia University and her local church, her faith has grown. The importance of community is something that Adewunmi hopes to take with her as she continues on. She has been blessed by the generosity and help of others — like when staff opened up their homes for a meal or helped buy a winter coat during her first winter in Canada — and desires to help others experience that too.

Getting the chance to participate in P2C-Students’ Digital Mission Trip in May also helped prepare Adewunmi for this next transition. She learned more about what outreach can look like in a digital world and grew more confident in having conversations about faith. Her heart for prayer, specifically for unreached peoples, has also grown exponentially.

“I have a stronger burden and urgency to talk about God more now with my friends. Every time I’m on the metro, I think about how people don’t know Jesus. That’s so sad. I want to be a light, by praying for people, messaging friends to check up on them.”

We celebrate how God has grown Adewunmi throughout her time at university and look forward to seeing how he will continue to use her life and faith to bless others with the hope of Jesus in the years to come. She is graduating with a clear sense of purpose, that Jesus can use every part of her life for his glory and that he has great plans for her.

Adewunmi is just one student of many whose life is being transformed by the life changing message of Jesus. We are so thankful for the part you play in the lives of students, just like Adewunmi.

What students are saying:

“Because I’m involved with P2C-Students*…”


73% I recently had a conversation about Jesus with a non-Christian


88% I’m being prepared to live out my faith for a lifetime


92% I better understand the relevance of Jesus to all aspects of my life

*survey results captured in April 2021


2020-2021 School Year Impact


78 ministry programs facilitated for students


108,000 served by online content on average each month (approx.)


568 students participated in an online Alpha course


1775 students being discipled

“The growth students experience and the impact they have on others in their young adult years is truly only the beginning.” – Andy, National Director

Thank you for your partnership. You are making a difference in the lives of students!

More inspiring stories from the 2020/21 school year…

All across Canada students are taking steps towards Jesus and finding life in Him!

Before classes begin in September, we are trusting God for $250,000 to fund valuable ministry opportunities that will invite students to take steps towards Jesus and find the life that only he brings.

  • Goal: $250,000 103% 103%

During the 2021-2022 school year, we want to:


Help 700 first year students get integrated with Christian community on their campus. Plans include:


Local student community welcome events


Social media advertising to help students make connections


Piloting a scholarship program


Many 1-on-1 connections as students arrive on campus


Resourcing youth influencers to facilitate an effective transition to post-secondary


and more!

Research has shown that connection to Christian community in the first few weeks of the school year can make all the difference to the future of a student’s faith (learn more at renegotiatingfaith.com).


Equip at least 1000 students to live committed to the mission of Jesus. Plans include:


Inviting students to Alpha courses where they can authentically explore Jesus


Evangelistic outreach events


Retreats, conferences, and training events that help students learn to live on mission


Producing digital content to help students understand the relevance of Jesus to all of life


Creating communities that allow space for intentional discipleship


Missions experiences through local and international partnerships


and more!

Equipping a Christian student to help a friend encounter Jesus is one of the most impactful ways we can help a student in their young adult years.

You can help a student find life in Jesus with your gift today!

Students need to know the hope and life that’s found in Jesus. It’s partners like you that God uses to bless students each day.

As we look towards next school year, we have great hope. Increasing openness of our campus spaces will hopefully mean more opportunities to be together again.

September is coming soon. Every amount makes a difference. Your gift today will help us reach our goal of $250,000 before classes begin in September. It will ensure that we can bring our best resources to bear as we start the new school year.

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We want to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in him, so we’re committed to helping them take their next step towards him.