1995 – Gordon Volkman

2018-06-27T15:07:27-08:00October 18th, 1995|Exclude, The 90s, Timeline|

Gordon shares how he helped bring Campus Crusade for Christ to South Africa:

In 1995, I took members of parliament and businessmen on an outreach trip to South Africa one year after Nelson Mandela was elected. They got so excited and they wanted to start a Christian Embassy. I came back and told Leanne, “you know, we could help them start that thing. If they have a staff couple who wants to start it, we can bring them here and train them, or we can go over there and work with them to establish this all.” A year later, we moved to South Africa to do just that and were there for nine years. We started working in executive ministry to help fill a need there and ended up directing the Campus Crusade ministry in South Africa.