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Differences & Drift: Wisdom for the challenges every marriage will face

Neil Josephson | Contributing Writer Why is marriage so natural and easy at one moment, and so difficult and complex at another? Why do some marriages grow in love and finish together, while others grow cold and end in divorce? Two words: differences and drift. Dealing with differences One of the greatest marriage myths today [...]

Melissa and Tyrel made their marriage a priority

How Melissa and Tyrel made their marriage a priority     After seven years of marriage, my husband Tyrel and I didn’t have any glaring marital issues, but we knew there were some areas of our relationship that needed attention. The biggest obstacle was figuring out how to get started!   With three little ones [...]

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Single this Valentine’s Day? Here’s what you can do!

Guest post by Mindy Black from FamilyLife Canada   When you think of Valentine’s Day does it make you smile or do you get a little overwhelmed by the pressure to make it a big deal? Do you think of restaurants filled with doe-eyed, hand holding couples exchanging poetry and pet names? Are you already [...]

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Grow your faith at Break Forth Canada 2017

For the last 20 years, Break Forth Canada has been a gathering place for Christ-followers to be renewed, equipped and unleashed! It’s a conference where every Christian can learn, find encouragement and be empowered in their faith.   Last year, when the founders of Break Forth, Arlen and Elsa Salte, handed the event to Power [...]

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